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My biggest passion; I have painted since I was a child. Over the years developing a personal language. Mainly using acrylics, oils, inks, watercolors and graphite but when the vision dictates, nothing is off-limits. I tend to mostly focus on subjects that can not be seen or photographed.
For a in-depth look and prints of some of my work please visit The Untapped Source Online Art Gallery.
  Patric R.

"Patrick R."
acrylics and inks on paper, 45x26cm
A portrait of a good friend.

"transparent prayer of the soft mirror carpet"
acrylic, ink on canvas, 24x16cm
Part of a series of works that started with a musical composition progressed to a poem and finished with this painting. (click here to read the poem)

"facing eternity"
acrylic, oil, ink on wood, 90x60cm
Under the ground heavens move. The movement of thoughts after death. Travels of rebirth.

"The soul with ears"
acrylic, oil, enamel on wood, 90x60cm
A souls desires to hear earthly music. This two part painting, one showing the journey of the soul in to the realm of human creation and this one the arrival at thinking flesh and piercing in to the streams of creativity.

acrylics and inks on paper, 23x18cm
A soul put into flesh.

computer graphic
Part of an exploration series entitled "the outside of the inside"

"woman fish"
ink, acid on paper, 30x20cm
Part of a series of ink and acid experiments, by using a mixture of chemicals on paper this works are changing over time.

acrylic, ink, pencil on canvas, 24x16cm

watercolor, pencil on paper 42x29cm

"field mask"
watercolor, pencil, ink on paper, 24x17cm
A mask of a mother and her unborn child.

"sexual loneliness"
acrylic on paper, 38x27cm

"invisible sexuality of uncircumcised man"
acrylic, ink on canvas, 60x30cm
This is a story of a lonely man looking for a companion.

black wax on prepared wood, 45x30cm
Painted after seeing the ultrasound of my child.

"female tamboura"
acrylic, ink on canvas, 60x30cm

"Dead mother"
acrylic, pencil, ink on paper, 45x26cm
Painted for my family. It shows the selection of different paths in a souls existence, beginning with the selection of gender, religion and geographic place of birth.

"Something between us in changing the words"
acrylic, oil on wood, 90x60cm

"Getaway to the closed door"
acrylic on canvas, 24x17cm

"four relations"
acrylic, oil, ink on wood, 90x60cm
First in a shape and canvas size relations experiments entitled "relative ambience". These paintings are connected with ambient music compositions.

"The third death of Jesus"
acrylic, ink on paper, 45x26cm

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