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I grew up in Katowice a big industrial town in southern Poland and later in Würzburg - Bavaria, Germany. When I was about seven I started thinking about design, mainly because my mother would take me to the various exhibitions she curated, it was a revelation to see the same painting say something different just by moving it's location or changing the lighting. I remember the visits to her work; big draftsman tables, all different kinds of banners, posters and lettering. But best of all was the hot wire styrofoam cutting table! I would drawing things on the styrofoam cut them out and paint them; making them real! Think that was one of my shaping moments, since then I always see things in a different way; how the shapes or colors work together or against each other... design is a language!

Mt BullerI could not wait to start learning more about design. Unfortunately at school or collage I would never enjoy learning about art or design. Other then my mother there was nobody that wanted to teach me to cultivate my unique artistic skills; all I would learn about is other artists and their techniques. I remember having disagreements with one of the instructors about not wanting to study and copy Picasso's techniques. I still believe that there has to be a better way to teach art or design. In all honesty, at collage I enjoyed the computer programming classes a lot more. The instructors encouraged innovation and rewarded originality. But I quickly discovered that professional computer programming is not something I am cut out for, probably because of the corporate environment that come with it back then. But when presented with the opportunity I still look over the code of some of the projects I am working on, and am completely baffled about why so very few programmers apply object oriented coding methods.    

My love for sound is something that matured when I was a teenager. Learning to use/program the Musicalc and Pro 16 software on my Commodore 64 would have to be the pivotal point where I realised that; I can make music and more importantly make it sound the way I want! Audio production is probably the most important layer of my sound fascination. It did all start with The Beatles, I will always admire George Martin's production that spearheaded the modern audio revolution. I was or still am mesmerised by ABBA, I think they may be one of the first acts to experiment with modern pop production techniques. But one day after realising The Buggles, Thomas Dolby, Yes, Propaganda, ABC, Spandau Ballet and most of all Art of Noise all have a thing in common; Trevor Horn's production. I know; I want to shape audio! Well since then Trevor and I have worked on the score for Michael Mann's Ali and I thanked him for opening my mind to the limitless Adventures in Modern Recording.

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